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New Pdf Comic

New Pdf Comics

New Pdf Comics

Click on a cover to view details of the Digital Comic Book (PDF).

New Comic - 11/1/09

New Fernando!
New Comic - 10/7/09

The Grove!
New Comics - 9/22/09

New Templeton!

New Fernando!
New Comics - 7/29/09

New Templeton!

New Fernando!

New Comics - 4/26/09

New Artist! - Bojan

New Fernando!

New Templeton!

All of MY comics presently available for download
to your computer!

Comics which are complete stories are :

Cheerleaders in Chains
SS Prison HELL
Yakuza Slavegirls

Stories which are awaiting Part 2 are :

War Slaves
Dark Cabin
Secret Police
Circus Armageddon

And of course there is the ongoing series, now 4 books and growing, the infamous "BLACK VAN",and the "StarFuckers" series so far featuring some famous starlets, and soon to collect even more.

Make your collection complete, and follow the development of my drawing and painting style as Iadd more depth and detail to each of my young bound naked victims. Each new girl is a new experience,and oh I do love to draw them.. can't you tell?

All comics above are in Electronic Downloadable Form!
This means you DOWNLOAD and view the Comics.

I chose to help market Fernando's comics for
one simple reason. I LIKE HIS WORK!

He draws smooth, gently curved young sweet girls
in a style which reminds me SO much of Milo Manara,
but still in a style all his own. His young girls
are just HOT, and his Cheerleaders series is a
MUST-HAVE collection.

Don't miss anything by thisvery talented artist!

I became aware of Ferres many years ago when I saw a flash animated comic called "Naked Earth".

The vivid colors and silk-smooth beauty of his incredibly perfect women cast against harsh cold apocalyptic landscapes, where destruction is the decor and horrible beasts inhabit the darkness in search of young beauties to ravage, made me a fan instantly.

I find myself staring at his exquisitely and painfully perfect painting style, the depth of his female skin tones, the sheer beauty of his art, and I feel a bit of jealousy. His women are painted soperfectly, the skin so real, I want to touch them. I only wish there were more books to be astonished by!

Ferres IS an Artist.

A classic comics style combined with a great sense of action, Templeton impresses me with his overall skill.

He IS a comics artist, and knows how to get onto the page exactly the images needed to make the stories of sex, madness, and sadistic cruelty seem too real.

Though his women don't turn me on as much as Fernando's girls do, that's just an issue of taste..Templeton likes his women built like WOMEN, and they remind me of comic book versions of supermodels.. long legs, squared shoulders, rounded ass and long full hair framing perfect faces.

These aren't college girls or cheerleaders.

His women are all grown up and ready for a nice rough fuck!
Templeton has style that shines through even the darkest stone basement.

You should collect his work and see!


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